Steps you can take to make your drinking water cleaner

The charade is up:  it is now common knowledge that bottled water is not much better than tap water, and certainly not worth the prices that vendors charge for them.  But at the same time, recent news coverage of events like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has shown most of us that although water supply companies may claim that they are up to current health and safety standards.  All in all, we now know that there is only one person who can see to it and follow through in your quest for clean drinking water, and that is you.

Although your water may be technically clean enough by the standards set by your local or state government, that does not mean that you should be drinking it straight without a filter.  Many water treatment plants will add in chemicals to the water for taste, but it can cause a myriad of other problems for a lot of people, such as dry skin and rashes when taking showers or washing up.  You may also notice a slightly offensive chlorine-like odor when you turn on your faucet and if that is the case, we definitely recommend looking around for drinking filter or water cooler options.

Water coolers most often provide very crisp and readily cool water, but can be expensive for folks up front.  If you are not willing to make an investment like that right now though, no worries.  There are many kinds of water filter faucet attachments or jugs with carbon filters attached that often retail for around twenty dollars or less, so there is no excuse for drinking purer water today.

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