Smart water heaters around the world

Our water heaters take care of heating our water for all sorts of important uses, such as providing hot showers.  They can even be used for under-floor heating systems– talk about smart technology.  Regardless of whatever your home heating system may be today, it never hurts to take a look around to see a full range of options in terms of heating.  Especially when you expand your horizons to heat methods all around the world, you could be amazed with what you might find.

In many urban cities in developed nations such as the ones in South Korea, the use of hot water as means of heating the entire home or apartment is very common.  There are pipes that run underneath the wooden floorboards or faux-wood tiles of the unit, this makes the entire floor warm to the touch.  In addition, people often sleep comfortably on the floor with comforters for this reason.

Another example of a smart heater system around the world, is found in Japan during the winter time.  Often, moms and pops will pull out the kotatsu– a coffee table with a gentle heater underneath, and a comforter blanket over the top to seal in the heat.  Our feet and toes often get icy and cold; this is a great method to keep them toasty while you are sitting in the living room eating or watching television.  There are lots of smart heat methods and heaters that you can find when you are more internationally minded.

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