Shopping for Faucets

One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen land lords make when they want to cut plumbing costs on their units, is choosing the cheapest faucets and fixtures when it comes time for replacements or renovations.  We use our faucets everyday; they are responsible for getting water to travel through pipes, and into the sink bowl.  This is why when you go shopping for faucets, try to take some Smart Tips & Tricks in that shopping cart with you.

Even if you need to save money, buying the cheapest faucet available is not going to do you any good in the long run.  Often the material used to make those models are not very sturdy and have poor designs.  It is wiser to invest in a product that will last you more than a year without falling apart.  Look for faucets that are a good fit to your sink and can be secured with a tool; looseness means that water can run from the base and cause other problems like extra built-up moisture and mold.

We also suggest looking for a faucet with a filter.  Especially if you have city water as opposed to well water, there is a good chance that extra minerals and chemicals could be drying out or damaging your skin when you wash up with the sink or shower.

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