Sewers & Sewer Line Cracks or Damage: A Tricky and Smelly Business

When we think of sewers, most people imagine the large looking pipes that characters use for stealthy escapes in the movies.  Hollywood tends to gloss over the details that go into our everyday lives, like what most sewers actually look like.  Most are not as well-lit, big, and clean as the film industry would lead a lot of us to believe.  Although you probably will not be crawling into a sewer yourself any time soon, there is still a chance that later down the road you will be faced with the dilemma of cracks or damage in your sewer or sewer line.  Without any kind of quick reading under your belt before you decide to call for help, some companies could be charging you more than necessary on service bills.

The most common reason for you to experience problems with your sewer system, is infiltration by roots and plants living around your home.  Especially when it comes to strong trees or big shrubs, the roots can enter the lines through a joint in the fixture and from there it fills up the whole line with lots of tangled up roots all over the place.  From there everything else that passes through your sewer, like human waste, gets stuck at the places where the roots are, quickly causing clogs and then breaks or cracks from the loads of built up pressure on the pipes.

Who would ever want problems with their sewer though?  We all know that trying to handle the issues yourself could not only be really gross and dirty, but most untrained individuals also lack the resources to troubleshoot all the problems without professional help.  If you need a plumber to assist you with your sewer backup & repair, we advise you to meet the boss in person and make sure inspections are using legitimate cameras and footage.


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