Public Restrooms & Public Showers

While it seems like the media only covers the issues surrounding gender identity and public restrooms, plumbing professionals have to know more than just what the television broadcasts.  So we want to take today and talk about the more obvious aspects of using public bathrooms that anyone will need to remember.  We also want to shed some light on public showers, which are common in university settings where dormitories often have combined bathroom and shower use.

Time and time again, you will not believe the amount of people who forget to knock on the bathroom door.  Whenever I bring this up with some people, their retort is that someone should know better and always lock the door.  But the truth is, not all restrooms are going to have perfectly functioning locks on every single door.  That is why one should always just knock twice politely with the back of the fist; your goal is not to be loud, but just to see if anyone is in there first.  The last thing anyone wants, especially in public spaces, is to see a complete stranger doing their business in the stall because you were too impatient to share the courtesy of knocking.

Everyone has used a public bathroom, but public showers (in a non-pool setting) are primarily reserved for dormitory style residences commonly found near universities.  Because there are often so many other things to worry about and acclimate to, some students may not be careful enough when it comes time to take a shower with one’s floor-mates.  We encourage those who have their own toiletries, to keep them in a carrying case and have it on his or her person at all times.  This prevents any possible theft in a public shower and restroom space.

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