Natural resources that inspired plumbing

It is so very hard to imagine what the world would be like without plumbing.  Before electricity even, baths were still used in homes so people could keep clean– well, at least as clean as they were going to get at that historical period.  When indoor plumbing did not exist, using water was basically impossible unless one already had made their home near a natural water source.  If you have ever seen the earth from up high at night, it would be easy to see, that most of the lights at night are concentrated around rivers, lakes, and other bodies or water.

In fact, a lot of our more modern innovations in plumbing were inspired by natural sources of water that can be found in nature.  The most obvious example is the bath, which was inspired by the comfort of natural hot springs.  Although today, it is hard to replicate the health benefits that one can get in a real hot spring with all the natural minerals from the earth, many tubs are now offered in shapes that can mimic the outside environment.  Showers, as well, were created to mimic the natural cleansing properties of waterfalls.  Today, many people even like the more expensive shower designs and faucets with overhead waterfall effects.

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