Why you should have plumbing maintenance on a regular schedule

The easiest way to save money on frustrating tasks like sewer & sewage drain repair, is to already have a proactive treatment system already set up.  Just like how taking a couple minutes everyday to squeegee off excess water after showering can help in the long run to prevent possible later expenses on getting rid of mold and mildew that can happen with moisture accumulation, most folks find that they can save on repairs by preventing the need for them in the first place.

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If you already have a trusty plumber that you can always count on in your local area, then we recommend chatting him or her up to get a regular maintenance schedule set up.  Depending on what kind of fixtures and units you already have installed in your home or business, you could benefit from a handful of services like pro drain cleaning, water heater tune ups, leak detection, clog treatment, and more.  Especially if your household is more than two people, you would be surprised to find how quickly and how often debris and other things can compromise the longevity of your pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

Smart Water Heater Tips Omnibus can help to point you in the right direction if you are still in the process of searching for a trustworthy local plumber. We recommend that while you may go about looking up companies the way you choose to do so, to always ask them to see proof of insurance as well as a professional master plumber’s license.  This ensures that a responsible plumbing contractor will be likely to arrive to the work site promptly, and will have the tested credentials, extensive knowledge of plumbing codes, and years of experience to help you get the job done right the first time around.

Steps you can take to make your drinking water cleaner

The charade is up:  it is now common knowledge that bottled water is not much better than tap water, and certainly not worth the prices that vendors charge for them.  But at the same time, recent news coverage of events like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has shown most of us that although water supply companies may claim that they are up to current health and safety standards.  All in all, we now know that there is only one person who can see to it and follow through in your quest for clean drinking water, and that is you.

Although your water may be technically clean enough by the standards set by your local or state government, that does not mean that you should be drinking it straight without a filter.  Many water treatment plants will add in chemicals to the water for taste, but it can cause a myriad of other problems for a lot of people, such as dry skin and rashes when taking showers or washing up.  You may also notice a slightly offensive chlorine-like odor when you turn on your faucet and if that is the case, we definitely recommend looking around for drinking filter or water cooler options.

Water coolers most often provide very crisp and readily cool water, but can be expensive for folks up front.  If you are not willing to make an investment like that right now though, no worries.  There are many kinds of water filter faucet attachments or jugs with carbon filters attached that often retail for around twenty dollars or less, so there is no excuse for drinking purer water today.

Sewers & Sewer Line Cracks or Damage: A Tricky and Smelly Business

When we think of sewers, most people imagine the large looking pipes that characters use for stealthy escapes in the movies.  Hollywood tends to gloss over the details that go into our everyday lives, like what most sewers actually look like.  Most are not as well-lit, big, and clean as the film industry would lead a lot of us to believe.  Although you probably will not be crawling into a sewer yourself any time soon, there is still a chance that later down the road you will be faced with the dilemma of cracks or damage in your sewer or sewer line.  Without any kind of quick reading under your belt before you decide to call for help, some companies could be charging you more than necessary on service bills.

The most common reason for you to experience problems with your sewer system, is infiltration by roots and plants living around your home.  Especially when it comes to strong trees or big shrubs, the roots can enter the lines through a joint in the fixture and from there it fills up the whole line with lots of tangled up roots all over the place.  From there everything else that passes through your sewer, like human waste, gets stuck at the places where the roots are, quickly causing clogs and then breaks or cracks from the loads of built up pressure on the pipes.

Who would ever want problems with their sewer though?  We all know that trying to handle the issues yourself could not only be really gross and dirty, but most untrained individuals also lack the resources to troubleshoot all the problems without professional help.  If you need a plumber to assist you with your sewer backup & repair, we advise you to meet the boss in person and make sure inspections are using legitimate cameras and footage.


Smart water heaters around the world

Our water heaters take care of heating our water for all sorts of important uses, such as providing hot showers.  They can even be used for under-floor heating systems– talk about smart technology.  Regardless of whatever your home heating system may be today, it never hurts to take a look around to see a full range of options in terms of heating.  Especially when you expand your horizons to heat methods all around the world, you could be amazed with what you might find.

In many urban cities in developed nations such as the ones in South Korea, the use of hot water as means of heating the entire home or apartment is very common.  There are pipes that run underneath the wooden floorboards or faux-wood tiles of the unit, this makes the entire floor warm to the touch.  In addition, people often sleep comfortably on the floor with comforters for this reason.

Another example of a smart heater system around the world, is found in Japan during the winter time.  Often, moms and pops will pull out the kotatsu– a coffee table with a gentle heater underneath, and a comforter blanket over the top to seal in the heat.  Our feet and toes often get icy and cold; this is a great method to keep them toasty while you are sitting in the living room eating or watching television.  There are lots of smart heat methods and heaters that you can find when you are more internationally minded.

Feel secure at home with a local plumber

If you are reading this, then you probably read up as much as you can and keep up with our regular plumbing maintenance duties such as cleaning and replacement of outdated machines.  But unfortunately, not everything can be taken care of by ourselves.  Some jobs just require professional grade tools or training to make your plumbing function and look great, and should not be attempted by those who are not professionals.  We at Smart Water Heater Tips Omnibus understand though, that searching and calling a plumber can be a difficult process when you are not prepared.

Especially if you have other family members or children around during the day, making sure they are comfortable and safe is most likely a major concern in your current search efforts.  You don’t want to pick a plumbing company that will make you wait and wait for somebody to show up late to their appointment, and all the meanwhile you have to disrupt your child’s current schedule to accommodate this.  With the young ones, a regular routine is absolutely key in keeping the household together at times, and it would be disappointing for a company with decent plumbing knowledge, to then follow up with terrible lateness and neglectful customer service.

It is for this reason that most folks go with local plumbers around the area.  Especially when your name the neighborhood is what drives your capital as a business, customers are more likely to get personalized services.  Deals are also more likely to be given to repeat clients as well as negotiable by those in the local community.  So if you are looking to keep your plumbing system in top shape, safely, at an affordable price then going the local route may be the right solution for you.

Public Restrooms & Public Showers

While it seems like the media only covers the issues surrounding gender identity and public restrooms, plumbing professionals have to know more than just what the television broadcasts.  So we want to take today and talk about the more obvious aspects of using public bathrooms that anyone will need to remember.  We also want to shed some light on public showers, which are common in university settings where dormitories often have combined bathroom and shower use.

Time and time again, you will not believe the amount of people who forget to knock on the bathroom door.  Whenever I bring this up with some people, their retort is that someone should know better and always lock the door.  But the truth is, not all restrooms are going to have perfectly functioning locks on every single door.  That is why one should always just knock twice politely with the back of the fist; your goal is not to be loud, but just to see if anyone is in there first.  The last thing anyone wants, especially in public spaces, is to see a complete stranger doing their business in the stall because you were too impatient to share the courtesy of knocking.

Everyone has used a public bathroom, but public showers (in a non-pool setting) are primarily reserved for dormitory style residences commonly found near universities.  Because there are often so many other things to worry about and acclimate to, some students may not be careful enough when it comes time to take a shower with one’s floor-mates.  We encourage those who have their own toiletries, to keep them in a carrying case and have it on his or her person at all times.  This prevents any possible theft in a public shower and restroom space.

Natural resources that inspired plumbing

It is so very hard to imagine what the world would be like without plumbing.  Before electricity even, baths were still used in homes so people could keep clean– well, at least as clean as they were going to get at that historical period.  When indoor plumbing did not exist, using water was basically impossible unless one already had made their home near a natural water source.  If you have ever seen the earth from up high at night, it would be easy to see, that most of the lights at night are concentrated around rivers, lakes, and other bodies or water.

In fact, a lot of our more modern innovations in plumbing were inspired by natural sources of water that can be found in nature.  The most obvious example is the bath, which was inspired by the comfort of natural hot springs.  Although today, it is hard to replicate the health benefits that one can get in a real hot spring with all the natural minerals from the earth, many tubs are now offered in shapes that can mimic the outside environment.  Showers, as well, were created to mimic the natural cleansing properties of waterfalls.  Today, many people even like the more expensive shower designs and faucets with overhead waterfall effects.

Shopping for Faucets

One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen land lords make when they want to cut plumbing costs on their units, is choosing the cheapest faucets and fixtures when it comes time for replacements or renovations.  We use our faucets everyday; they are responsible for getting water to travel through pipes, and into the sink bowl.  This is why when you go shopping for faucets, try to take some Smart Tips & Tricks in that shopping cart with you.

Even if you need to save money, buying the cheapest faucet available is not going to do you any good in the long run.  Often the material used to make those models are not very sturdy and have poor designs.  It is wiser to invest in a product that will last you more than a year without falling apart.  Look for faucets that are a good fit to your sink and can be secured with a tool; looseness means that water can run from the base and cause other problems like extra built-up moisture and mold.

We also suggest looking for a faucet with a filter.  Especially if you have city water as opposed to well water, there is a good chance that extra minerals and chemicals could be drying out or damaging your skin when you wash up with the sink or shower.